Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wake up AMERICA and FIGHT for HUMANITY! There is no time.


  1. Look for changes in your skin texture of your arms, neck, back, hands, legs, feet, etc. Look for changes in your skin's coloring (blotches on skin of white into red outlines on your forearms or hands or vs reddening into white outlines) like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle taking shape and forming on your skin. The energy leaves behind it's footprint as it scans us for whatever data mining program it is collecting data for. Our skin texture is changing into some form of a scan code is my belief (an encrypted field). It just might be our evidence.
    Awesome compilation of data here. Keep seeking the evidence and the truth. Appreciate your blog.

  2. My name is laurent Boer (, and I have been harrassed and manipulated by an unknown hidden cult organization
    They drugged me insidiously, hypnotized me, they programmed my mind with hypnosis and several different kind of drugs, and they didn’t hesitated to do many illegal things including:
    - Under hypnosis, mental conditioning to make me feel terror to talk about them and what they do
    - use some addiction drugs to enforce the power of the hypnotizer on me
    - At work, air spray some kind of GHB drugs to train me to work harder
    - Under hypnosis, format my personality to fit their needs
    - Follow me in shops and coffee places to make me feel paranoid, harassed and under their control
    - Under hypnosys make me watch horror and homo movies every day under addictive drugs to get addicted to this
    - Installed software on my computer so they can remotely send subliminal trigger images
    - Under hypnosis make me hear for hours daily their speech teaching me that what they do to me is great and usefull

    How to get rid of this kind of secured powerfull worldwide organizations?

    Best Regards,